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Master Computer Science

Students of the Master programme Computer Science will receive a scientific-based education, where theory, knowledge and practical application of Computer Science are deepened.

This specialisation is selected in an » advanced course (“Ausprägungsfach”) and consists of 8 different subject areas: Algorithms, Data Analysis, Computer Graphics, Information Management & Systems, Internet Computing & Software Technology, Multimedia, Networks, as well as Parallel Computing.  

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Duration: 4 semesters

Degree: Master of Science (MSc)

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Master Media Informatics

The Master programme Media Informatics offers a comprehensive technical as well as application-oriented education with focus on multimedia and distributed systems.

Digital Media such as audio, video, text, image, animations as well as language and sensor technology provide a basis for application areas in media informatics. This includes production, management and distribution of media for the purpose of distributing information and communication.

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Master Business Informatics

In the scope of the Master programme Business Informatics, students will learn and deepen the theoretical and practical concepts of Business Informatics taking into consideration economic, technical, social, legal, ergonomic and communication science aspects.

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Master Bioinformatik

The focus of the Master programme Bioinformatics is the connection of methods from information technology, biology and mathematics in order to solve current questions in biology and medicine. The aim of the Master programme Bioinformatics is to prepare students to investigate scientific questions using contemporary methods.

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Master Data Science

Master Data Science


Duration: 4 semesters

Degree: Master of Science (MSc)

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Data Science is an essential driving force in today's digital world. Nowadays, large amounts of data are collected and generated in almost all areas of the economy.
While the masters degree in data science prepares for a doctoral degree in mathematics, computer science, or statistics, it also teaches practical skills, such as the handling of huge amounts of data, the statistical analysis of complex data and the development, implementation and analysis of efficient algorithms for data analysis, which are in great demand in industry.

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Masters programmes in cooperation with other faculties & universities

Joint Venture

These master programs are a joint venture of the following faculties:

The Data Science master is administered by the Faculty of Computer Science.

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the responsibilities of the study program management

The master's programs in Business Analytics, Digital Humanities and Medical Informatics are not assigned to study program management 5.
We ask students to direct their concerns to the relevant study service points:

Master Digital Humanities

The solution to the technical problems arising from digitization and the scientific reaction to the consequences of digitization represent a central task of cultural studies and will open up numerous new professional fields. The aim of the Master's degree programme in Digital Humanities (DH) at the University of Vienna is to train students who will make a significant contribution to the promotion and anchoring of computer-based methods in humanities research contexts.

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Master Business Analytics

The goal of the Master's degree program in Business Analytics is to familiarize students with the methods and instruments required for business analyses and decision support. Students choose an in-depth area of business administration, for which they then carry out data analyses and design, implement and prototype decision support systems. Students are able to independently solve and interpret business decision problems, using large data sets and to derive recommendations for action.

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Master Medical Informatics


Duration: 4 semesters

Degree: Dipl.-Ing. (DI)

You'll find detailed Information about the Master programme Medical Informatics on on the corresponding pages of the » Medical University of Vienna's Website.

The Master program Medical Informatics is offered by the Medical University of Vienna and handled in cooperation with the study program management for computer science and business informatics. Graduates acquire core competences in computer science while emphasizing the methods that are particularly important in biomedical research, medicine and healthcare.

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