The Faculty of Computer Science

Although the roots of research and teaching activities in the field of computer science and business informatics at the University of Vienna date back to the 1970s, the faculty of computer science itself - with its founding in 2004 in the course of the implementation of the University Act 2002 - still has one very young faculty. 

Not least for this reason, the Faculty of Computer Science sees itself as an innovative and future-oriented faculty in the teaching and research association of the traditional University of Vienna. The variety and broad spectrum of disciplines offered there are very conducive to modern computer science, which is increasingly finding its application areas at the interfaces with natural sciences, economics, medicine, social sciences and the humanities.

With more than 200 scientific and general staff members, currently 14 units of the Faculty and the research network Data Science, the Faculty of Computer Science participates in many national and international cooperation projects, together with economic and scientific partners.

In addition to working on current research topics, these cooperations also facilitate research-led teaching and the integration of advanced students into an attractive, international research climate.

Research interests and teaching

Our subunits represent the four main research areas currently established at the faculty:

  • Algorithms
  • Data Science
  • Systems
  • Human-Centered Computing

Our approximately 2,100 students can study the following fields of study at the Faculty of Computer Science:


In addition, as of winter term 2017/18, the Faculty of Computer Science is offering the » Computational Thinking Extension Curriculum, open to students of all disciplines.

All studies are structured in accordance with the modern three-tier European study architecture and convey the content using state-of-the-art information and communication technologies.

The knowledge gained through high-quality research in the Faculty of Computer Science is communicated to dedicated students by means of up-to-date didactic methods and technologies - since WS 2012 in our faculty building at Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Vienna.

This ultimately ensures that competent and innovative graduates in computer science or information technology studies with a high level of application potential are available to both industry and science in a wide range of application areas.