Our degree programmes

Our undergraduate Bachelor programmes "Bachelor Computer Science" and "Bachelor Business Informatics" at the Faculty of Computer Science are held in German.

However, since English is considered to be the standard language in Computing Science today, all of our instructors are also fluent in the English language. Our Master programmes "Master Computer Science" (including Data Science and Scientific Computing),  "Master Media Informatics" and "Master Data Science" are exclusively offered in English.
English speakers are welcome to attend our other Master programmes: "Master Business Informatics", "Master Bioinformatics", "Medical Informatics" as well. (please mind the required German language proficiency at level A2)

Our PhD programme "UniVie Doctoral School Computer Science DoCS ↗" is carried out in an internationally competitive environment. Our programme is attended by students from all around the world, therefore, English is the dominant language.

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Studying and exams - Things worth knowing about studying

Studying in hybrid form: A hybrid course as a combination of digital and on-site teaching can take various forms and is labelled in the course directory.

In the winter semester of 2020/2021, teaching will take place digitally, on site and as a combination of both (hybrid teaching). This information website for students will be updated continuously.

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 Why study Computer Science at the University of Vienna?

There are many reasons to study computer science at the University of Vienna.

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 The Faculty of Computer Science introduces itself

The Faculty of Computer Science is an innovative and future-oriented faculty within the teaching and research association of the tradition-rich University of Vienna.

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