With more than 200 scientific and general staff members, currently 14 research groups, the educational research center Educational Technologies and the research platform Data Science @ Uni Vienna, the Faculty of Computer Science participates in many national and international cooperation projects, together with economic and scientific partners.

In addition to working on current research topics, these cooperations also facilitate research-led teaching and the integration of advanced students into an attractive, international research climate.

The academic research at the Faculty of Computer Science is focused on the following four main research areas:

  • Graphs and Networks
  • Data Science
  • Intelligent, Distributed, and Secure Systems
  • Human-Centered Computing


Nicht Seniors oder Entscheidungsträger*innen aus der HR-Abteilung, sondern Juniors, die selbst gerade ihre ersten beruflichen Schritte gemacht haben, teilen als Peers am 7. Dezember ihre Erfahrungen rund um Bewerbung, Berufseinstieg und Onboarding...

We are looking for University Assistants (prae doc) & Scientific Project Staff (prae doc)!

Find out more about supervisors, research projects and the application process on our DoCS Website

The Bitter Truth About Quantum Algorithms in the NISQ Era | 24 November, 17:00, via Zoom

Frank Leymann (University of Stuttgart) talks about challenges of implementing quantum algorithms on NISQ devices.

Prof. van Haeseler among the most cited researchers worldwide in 2021

The Faculty of Computer Science congratulates Professor of Bioinformatics and faculty member Arndt van Haeseler!

Prof. Neuwirth gibt im Wien Heute Interview (ORF) seine datenbasierte Einschätzung zu den kommenden COVID19-Maßnahmen. (Screenshot: orf.at)

Dr. Johanna Ullrich (Forschungsgruppe Security and Privacy) spricht mit Hanno Settele in dok1 (ORF) über die zunehmende Vernetzung des Internets mit physischen Infrastrukturen. Im Interview geht es um Cyberangriffe als Ursache für Blackouts sowie...

Ende September hielt Prof. Reichl im bulgarischen Kulturclub Velingrad einen Vortrag über die Entwicklungsgeschichte moderner Computer.

2 Professorships, and 1 Tenure-Track position to be filled!

- Professorship "Communication Technologies"

- Professorship "Computer Science (Process-Oriented Information Systems)"

- Tenure-Track Professorship "Algorithms"

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