With more than 200 scientific and general staff members, currently 15 units and the research network Data Science @ Uni Vienna, the Faculty of Computer Science participates in many national and international cooperation projects, together with economic and scientific partners.

In addition to working on current research topics, these cooperations also facilitate research-led teaching and the integration of advanced students into an attractive, international research climate.

The academic research at the Faculty of Computer Science is focused on the following four main research areas:

  • Graphs and Networks
  • Data Science
  • Intelligent, Distributed, and Secure Systems
  • Human-Centered Computing


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Vortrag von RICHARD (RICK) THOMAS WATSON - We have reached a critical juncture where renewables, mainly solar and wind, are driving a global energy transition. The emerging energy era, however, is characterized by high levels of supply intermittency, whose management will require extensive computer-based control systems for implementing digitally enabled mirror actions. Given our dependency on a reliable and resilient electricity grid, this is arguably the major digital transformation of the decade.