BlockchainSci-Lab: Blockchain Science, Technologies & Applications Lab

An Advanced Laboratory of the CS Faculty    @BlockChainSci

The BlockchainSci-Lab at the University of Vienna is a collaborative effort of several research groups contributing research activities related to blockchain technology and its applications.

The BlockchainSci-Lab aims at investigating and exploring advanced topics on blockchain technology and its application. It serves various groups of interested parties, including students, researchers, companies, and governmental organisations.

For students the lab offers an environment to get familiar and work with state of the art systems and platforms to learn about blockchain technology and to design and implement blockchain applications by participating in dedicated projects.

For companies and industrial partners the lab provides showcases and demonstrators illustrating the potential of blockchain technology and provides fundamental insight into the technological components of blockchain-based systems and applications, considered to be a ground-breaking disruptive technology companies should pay attention to.

For our research groups the lab serves as a platform for collaborative research efforts in the field of blockchain technology and applications.


Univ.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klas, MIS: wolfgang.klas[at]

Univ.Prof. Dr. Stefanie Rinderle-Ma, WST: stefanie.rinderle-ma[at]

Ongoing Lab activities and projects:

  • Blockchain-based "Prüfungs- und Studienleistungspass" at the University of Vienna.
  • Permissioned blockchains as an alternative to public blockchains for industry use cases.
  • Quality Assurance Services based on blockchain technology for the Future Web Infrastructure.
  • Blockchain-Based Distributed Business Processes
  • Evaluation of smart contract applications and architectures and their design and implementation aspects utilizing existing platforms (such as Ethereum)


  • Interdisciplinary Symposium on Cryptocurrency  - Oktober 23, 2018
    The Computer Science Faculty, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics at the University of Vienna are inviting to this interdisciplinary symposium.
    Details and program are available here.

Resource corner:

  • Literature
  • Tools


Active main contributors:

Students and their projects (selection only):

  • Gerald Honegeer - Toward a Blockchain based Business Decision Support System using a Cloud Blockchain Eco-System
  • Martin Pfitscher - Generating Solidity Smart Contracts from Java Annotations
  • Maria Petrova - Ethereum-based Blockchain Exam pass
  • Andreas Tschauner - A Survey and Evaluation of Distributed Ledger Technologies that vary in terms of their Network Implementation Stack and Field of Application
  • Zheng Li - Blockchain as a Service Solution for Ethereum Smart Contract based Micro-Service Cloud Architecture“
  • Florian Jaklitsch - A Microservice-based Execution Logic For Blockchain Systems
  • Roman Szabo - Securing Images by Applying Blockchain Technology
  • Alexander Garber - The Ethereum Eco-System at