Recommendations & Guidelines: Bachelor Thesis

In order to support you in the preparation, structure and conduction of a thesis, we have compiled a list with guidelines and tips on finding a thesis topic, on the administrative procedure and on the thesis format.

Please keep in mind that these guidelines are not binding. They are recommendations only and provide assistance in planning and conducting your bachelor thesis. In order to ensure a smooth process, we recommend to observe these guidelines.


Guidelines: Planning and Conducting a Bachelor Thesis

Here you can find recommendations for a thesis topic and information on the procedure, deadlines and assessment.
» Download: Advice for Bachelor students for PR with Bachelor Thesis – Administrative Details [PDF | English]

Structure and Design

Guidelines: Structure of a Bachelor Thesis and Research Paper

Here you can find information on the structure of a bachelor thesis and recommendations on how to conduct and record your research.

» Download Advice for Bachelor students for PR with Bachelor Thesis – Structural Details [PDF | English]

Factsheet: Structure of a Bachelor Thesis

Here is a quick overview of a recommended structure for a bachelor thesis.
» Download Factsheet: Structure for the Bachelor Thesis [PDF | English]


Templates at your disposal.
» Download: BSc-Thesis_LATEX_Template [ZIP | English]
» Download: BSc-Thesis_WORD_Template [DOCX| English]
» Download: Overleaf