SC-Talk mit Beniamino Di Martino

Die Fakultät für Informatik lädt Sie herzlich zum SC-Talk ein

Vortragender: Beniamino Di Martino (Seconda Università di Napoli)

Titel: "Semantics, Patterns and Compiler Techniques for Portable App Development in Multiple Cloud and Big Data Platforms"

Cloud vendor lock-in and interoperability gaps arise (among many reasons) when semantics of resources and services, and of Application Programming Interfaces is not shared. The same issue arises with Big Data platforms: different programming, deployment and execution models, many different Machine Learning Libraries and related APIs. Standards and techniques borrowed from SOA and Semantic Web Services areas might help in gaining shared, machine readable description of Cloud and Big Data offerings (resources, Services at Platform and Application level, Libraries and their API groundings), thus allowing automatic discovery, matchmaking, and thus supporting selection, brokering, interoperability end composition of Cloud Services among multiple Clouds, and seamless programming of analytics on multiple BigData platforms. This talk will in particular illustrate the outcomes of the EU funded projects » mOSAIC and » TOREADOR.


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