CT-Talk with Dr. Peter Gjøl Jensen

The Faculty of Computer Sciences kindly invites you to the CT-Talk with Dr. Peter Gjøl Jensen.

CT-Talk with Dr. Peter Gjøl Jensen

Title: "A Brief History of Uppaal Stratego"

March 4, 15:15
SR2, Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien


Uppaal Stratego is a novel tool which facilitates generation, optimization, comparison as well as consequence and performance exploration of strategies for (hybrid) stochastic priced timed games in a user-friendly manner. The tool allows for efficient and flexible “strategy-space” exploration before adaptation in a final implementation by maintaining strategies as first class objects in the model-checking query language. In this talk we discuss recent features and applications of Uppaal Stratego.

Peter is a recent PhD graduate from Aalborg University with a thesis titled “Efficient Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Quantitative Systems”. Efficient implementation of tools for verification, synthesis and learning are his core interests – culminating in two gold medals at the annual Model Checking Competition as part of the TAPAAL team. Furthermore Peter maintains the newest addition to the Uppaal Family: Stratego.


Fakultät für Informatik


Seminarraum 2 (SR2) W29

Währinger Straße 29
1090 Wien