1.3.2018: SC-Talk with Prof. Kolodziej

Prof. Joanna Kolodziej (Cracow University of Technology) on "New trends in cloud resource management - BlockChain-based cloud scheduler" | 1.3.2018, 14:00, SR4

New trends in cloud resource management - BlockChain-based cloud scheduler    

Cloud computing paradigm is based on providing on-demand access to computing resources for cloud end users in the form of VM instances over the physical grid clusters. On the one hand, the end users request the service providers to allocate them the set of computing resources (Virtual Machine instances on physical hosts) to realize their computing tasks. The service providers use usually for such allocation and users’ tasks scheduling heuristics-based approaches. On the other hand, the allocation and service algorithms should be defined to meet the service providers’ business objectives.  Service providers may also need to impose a set of additional conditions on the allocation and scheduling algorithms, particularly in the way they access infrastructure resources, to maintain the security and the performance of their system.
Although many resource allocation and scheduling algorithms have been developed, security remains the challenging research issue in today's cloud computing. Based on the very new concept of using the block chain technology in modelling the data BlockCloud, the generic model of the BlockCloud scheduler will be presented and compared with other existing security-aware cloud schedulers.

About the Speaker:
Joanna Kolodziej is the Professor in Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) Institute. She is also the Head of the Department of Computer Sciences at Cracow University of Technology. Prof. Kolodziej serves as the President of the Polish Chapter of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. She participated in several international and national projects including ECONET, 7FP and PARAPHRASE  7FP Grants. Currently, she is the Chair of the cHiPSet Cost Action IC1406 (http://chipset-cost.eu).