Presentation Day of the Masterseminar

21.06.2024 09:00 - 14:45

For many students, the master thesis at the end of their studies represents a hurdle. Yet it offers the opportunity to deal more intensively with a topic that arises from one's own interests. At the Presentation Day of the Masterseminar (on June 21, 09:00-14:45) there is the chance to get an overview of the broad range of research topics our subunits are involved in and to exchange ideas with peers.

Students in the Masterseminar give presentations on the status quo of their master thesis projects (this is not yet a defense of their work, they are still at the beginning of their project). The sessions are open to the public and can be attended by everyone. During the sessions there is the possibility to talk to colleagues who are in the middle of their master thesis process.

The Presentation Day of the Masterseminar will take place on June 21 at the building Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Vienna.


Session A: 09:00-14:45, Seminarraum 2
Session B: 09:00-14:40, Seminarraum 3

Please find the schedule of the event here (» download of a pdf-file).

Seminarraum 2, Seminarraum 3 (Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien)