Full Access für Studierende zur Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) 2021


Studierende können sich bis zum 28. Mai für einen "Comlimentary Pass" registrieren, mit dem Sie kostenlos an allen Data Science Workshops, Talks und dem "Data science career mentoring lab" teilnehmen können.

Einladung und Information der Veranstalter der ODSC dazu:

At ODSC, we believe that the future of the data science and AI industries will be determined by today's students. To ensure that they have access to the learning and networking opportunities that will enable them to achieve their goals, we are proud to offer complimentary scholarship passes to our upcoming applied data science virtual conference, ODSC Europe, on June 8 - June 10, 2021.

Students will have full access to data science workshops, talks, and a data science career mentoring lab. It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to meet fellow data science practitioners and network with experts in their chosen field.

If interested, your students can register for a complimentary pass here


Please note, the cutoff date for complimentary passes is May 28th.