Semester Question: How will we work tomorrow?

Every semester, the University of Vienna asks its teachers and students a question that is currently moving society. In the summer term 2019 the University of Vienna asks how we will work in the future.

The semester question in the summer semester 2019 is therefore: "How will we work tomorrow?". Beginning of March, the discussions start, there are again interviews and guest contributions on the univie blog, but can also be debated and under the hashtag #Semesterfrage and » DerStandard.

When discussing the future of work, there are many terms - from flexibilization, to Industry 4.0 and robotic work, from the gig economy to the unconditional basic income. In the summer semester 2019, scientists and students of the University of Vienna will discuss which political, technological and social changes will determine the development of the labor market, and what all this ultimately means for the workers.

Further information on the semester question can be found on the » media portal of the University of Vienna.