Kickoff "Homo Digitalis - Wiener Kreis zur Digitalen Anthropologie"

As part of the "Homo Digitalis - Wiener Kreis zur Digitalen Anthropologie", which was occasionally initiated by Prof. Peter Reichl, various aspects of digitization will be discussed in a low-threshold and comfortable setting in the future.

While the waves of digitization are already entering large parts of our everyday life with rapid speed, the need for a broad discussion about social, ethical and political consequences has emerged, in order to be able to shape this evolution in a sustainable manner. Within this interdisciplinary discourse, computer science has to play a key role. Hence, Peter Reichl (Research Group Cooperative Systems), together with Christopher Frauenberger (Human Computer Interaction Group, TU Wien) and Michael Funk (Philosophy of Media and Technology, Uni Wien) and in collaboration with "contemporary shizzle" (led by our student Thomas Fenz) have successfully started the "Wiener Kreis for Digital Anthropology".

The idea is simple: every 4 to 6 weeks, we will meet one evening in the "Kulturcafe Max" in 1170 Vienna for a low-threshold discussion on key aspects of the digital change. Each meeting is based on three selected books which at the beginning are briefly presented and used as starting point for a broad interactive discussion (in German) amongst all participants, supported by a glass of red wine and some cheese, of course.

Next dates: Thursday, March 14 2019, and Tuesday, April 30 2019 (Walpurgis night edition!), starting 7:00 pm. Further information (including podcast from the kickoff meeting) can be found at Everybody welcome!


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