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Zeit: Donnerstag, 11.30 Uhr
Ort: Aquarium OG4 (4.34)
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23. 03. 2017Markus StraussModelling Comorbidities and Complex Phenotypes: A Master's Thesis in Progress.
Theresa FruhwürthUncovering High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Patterns through
Audio Fingerprinting and Periodicity Mining Algorithms: An Exploratory Analysis
20. 04. 2017Martin Perdacher"Multi-core K-means", Talk for SIAM Data Mining Conference 2017
25. 04. 2017
(16.30 Uhr)
Milan PalusInformation transfer across time scales
26. 04. 2017
(16.00 Uhr)
Petrina PapazekArtificial Neuronal Network based Short-Range Wind Speed Forecasts (Master Thesis)
17. 05. 2017Vera KurkovaLimitations of shallow neural networks
31. 05. 2017Robert Fritze Combining spatial information and optimization for locating emergency
medical service stations: A case study for Lower Austria
22. 06. 2017Maximilian LeodolterSemi-supervised Segmentation of Accelerometer Time Series for Transport Mode Classification
Robert MoskovitchTime Intervals Mining
20. 07. 2017Gert SluiterRandom edge deletion clustering
Fatemeh AmiriSoft Computing Techniques in Data Mining
09. 11. 2017Cherifa Sabrina AmroucheClustering​ ​ with​ ​ adaptive​ ​ similarity​ ​ measure​ ​ for​ ​ track​ ​ reconstruction in​ ​ particle​ ​ physics
16. 11. 2017Sahar Behzadi SoheilDependency anomaly detection for heterogeneous time series: A Granger-Lasso approach
07. 12. 2017Martin PerdacherData Mining Primitives for Modern Hardware
Benjamin SchellingThe current state of KMN and its future developments
18. 01. 2018Benjamin SchellingSpheres I – The Beginning
25. 01. 2018Lukas MiklautzKate Autoencoder for low dimensional projections (Master Thesis)
t.b.d.Nataliya Sokolovska
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