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QoS Assurance in Mobile Service Oriented Grid Architectures


The bilateral Hungarian-Austrian project aims at the study of Quality of Service (QoS) assurance in mobile grid computing based on Service Oriented Architectures. Caused by the wide usage of  mobile devices and wireless networks, we envision mobile grid computing to enhance state-of-the-art service-oriented grid computing naturally. Everywhere access to service infrastructures via familiar user interfaces, as well as the creation of ad-hoc service oriented architectures itself is feasibe.

From a performance perspective, the limited capabilities of mobile devices and the seamless integration of  many devices while moving are obstacles for mobile grid computing. In order to assure QoS and to react to performance degradation in the network or due to device capabilities, we aim at self-adaptive and self-configuring services for lookup and registration, load balancing, and multimedia service provisioning.

R&D Projekte, öffentliche Finanzierung
2006 - 2007
Forschungsgruppe Distributed Systems
Fakultät für Informatik
Universität Wien

Währinger Straße 29
1090 Wien