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Welcome at CSLEARN - Educational Technologies

Our mission is to support learning ideas, concepts, techniques, and a broad range of interdisciplinary applications of computer science in a way that is engaging, inspirational, and formative for all actors involved in the learning process. This creates the foundation for well-informed, knowledge-based, and mindful professional action. Rooted in technology-enhanced computer science learning and research at an academic level, we aim to transfer our experience to formal and informal life-long learning for a vast variety of target groups and subject areas, including students, children, migrants, medical doctors, social workers, managers and people with special needs. In particular, we address and research the rapidly changing challenges urgently needed to be met by educators at the secondary level, by academic staff, by curriculum designers, and by managers and consultants. Our slogan is: 

“Let’s embrace computational thinking and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as powerful learning accelerators, advance them, and open them up for ever more people and wiser action.”

Our current key areas of research and interest include:
Increasing engagement, effectiveness, and motivation to learn:

  • Person-Centered technology enhanced Learning (PCeL)
  • learner-centered approaches to computational thinking and developing professional skills
  • significant learning communities (SILCs)
  • language technology
  • game-enhanced learning of computer science concepts
  • technology-enhanced mentoring
  • neuroscientific foundations of experiential learning

ICT for inclusion:

  • Human-Centered Design applications for learners with special needs
  • mobile language-learning apps, e.g. for newcomers to Austria
  • online web-services for newcomers to Austria
  • Life-long learning of digital competencies and programmimg

Other contemporary themes such as:

  • Learning analytics, statistical methods for evaluating learning
  • 3-D print as emerging technology and demonstrative motivator for modeling and coding
  • Communication in agile management and diverse teams, cross-cultural communication and facilitation of significant learning

News & Events

Gerhart-Bruckmann-Preis 2017

ao. Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Erich Neuwirth erhält den Gerhart-Bruckmann-Preis der Österreichischen Statistischen Gesellschaft. Die Fakultät gratuliert!

5. Feb 2017
UNIVIE Teaching Award 2016

Die Fakultät gratuliert Prof. Möller, ao. Prof. Motschnig, Svenja Schröder und Dr. Sedlmair zur Auszeichnung ihrer LV "Human-Computer-Interaction und Psychologie" mit dem UNIVIE...

3. Mai 2016

Am 28.11.2015 fand an der Fakultät für Informatik eine Info-Veranstaltung für LehrerInnen und Studierende zum Thema 3D-Druck statt. Rund 40 TeilnehmerInnen aus ganz Österreich...

30. Nov 2015
LITERACY: Abschluss-Konferenz

Am 9. Februar fand in der Fakultät für Informatik die Abschlusskonferenz zum LITERACY-Projekt statt. Als Gastgeberin fungierte ao. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Renate Motschnig und...

16. Feb 2015
"Person-centred communication: Theory, skills and practice"

Unter dem Titel "Person-centred communication: Theory, skills and practice" ist kürzlich eine überarbeitete Ausgabe von "Konstruktive Kommunikation: Sich und andere verstehen...

1. Apr 2014
"Literacy"-Projekt in "Cinco Días"

"Cinco Días", eine der zwei wichtigsten Wirtschaftszeitungen Spaniens, hat am 15.7.2013 über das "Literacy"-Projekt berichtet. Der Artikel kann auch im Web nachgelesen werden.

19. Jul 2013
3. iCom Informatik-LehrerInnen-Treffen

Am 20.6. fand in der Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien das 3. iCom Informatik-LehrerInnen-Treffen statt. Einen Nachbericht sowie ein paar Bilder, finden Sie hier.

24. Jun 2013
iCom von der EU Kommission als erfolgreiches Projekt gelistet

Since January 2011 the University of Vienna (Austria) and the Masaryk University in Brno are working together on the project “iCom” to strengthen the ties between universities and...

19. Sep 2012
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