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Dipl.-Inf. Michael Sedlmair, PhD
Wissenschaftliches und lehrendes Personal
Universität Wien
Forschungsgruppe Visualization and Data Analysis
Zimmer: 2.06
Währinger Straße 29/S6, 1090 Wien
T +43-1-4277-79020

Office hours (only by appointment): Room: 3.35, Währinger Strasse 29

 Research Interests

  • Visualization
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • User-Centered Design and Evaluation of Visualization
  • High-Dimensional Data



Paper:  IEEE InfoVis 2012 , BELIV 2010, VSMM 2008
Scholarships:  BMW Group Research and Technology (2007-2010)


Professional Services

Organization: Workshop on Collaborative Visualization on
Interactive Surfaces - CoVis (2009)

InfoVis PC, EuroVis Short Paper PC, EuroRVVV PC

Peer Reviewing:IEEE InfoVis, ACM CHI, EuroVis, IEEE VAST, NordiCHI, AutoUI, 
Grace Hopper, ACM IUI, Smart Graphics, ACM Multimedia, IEEE

Work Experience

2013 Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Vienna, Austria
Visualization and Data Analysis - VDA (with Prof. Dr. Torsten Möller )
2010Postdoctoral Fellow
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Imager lab (with Prof. Dr. Tamara Munzner )
2007PhD Researcher
BMW Group Research and Technology, Munich, Germany



2010 PhD in Computer Science
University of Munich (LMU), Germany
Scholarship from BMW Group Research and Technology
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Butz
2007Diplom in Media Informatics
University of Munich, Germany


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18 Publikationen


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  • Konferenzen/Workshops

  • Sedlmair, Michael In: Proc. of the IEEE VIS Workshop Beyond Time and Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization (BELIV) , Oct 24, 2016 , Baltimore, Maryland, USA (2016)
  • Motschnig, Renate and Sedlmair, Michael and Schröder, Svenja and Möller, Torsten In: Frontiers in Education 2016 , Oct. 12 - 15, 2016 , Erie, USA (2016)
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  • Simon, Svenja and Mittelstädt, Sebastian and Keim, Daniel A. and Sedlmair, Michael In: Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis) - Short Papers , May 25-29, 2015 , Cagliari, Italy (2015)
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