CT-Talk mit Apoorv Shukla

Am 06.12.2019 hält Apoorv Shukla auf Einladung der Forschungsgruppe Communication Technologies einen Talk zum Thema „Towards Automatic Runtime Verification of P4 Switches“. Die Fakultät für Informatik lädt alle Interessierten herzlich dazu ein!


Apoorv is a final year Phd student in FG INET, TU Berlin where he is supervised by Prof. Anja Feldmann. Apoorv is interested in the network verification and security issues in programmable networks such as P4 networks and SDNs. He is also interested in the issues surrounding policy and regulatory frameworks. Prior to his current position, he obtained a Masters degree in Information Technology from the prestigious Hong Kong University of Science and Technology-Hong Kong. Before, he worked as a Software Developer for WAN protocols in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for Cisco project.


CT-Talk mit Apoorv Shukla
Wann: 06.12.2019, 15:00
Wo: SR6 | Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien

Forschungsgruppe Communication Technologies

Seminarraum 6 (SR6) W29

Währinger Straße 29
1090 Wien