CSLEARN-Talk mit Assoc.-Prof. Pejman Mirza-Babaei

Herzliche Einladung zum CSLEARN-Talk mit Assoc.-Prof. Pejman Mirza-Babaei (Ontario Tech University) am 18.10.2019. Thema: "Insights on methodologies for games usability and user experience research".


Usability and User Experience research is becoming more integrated into the game development cycle. However, conducting evaluation sessions are not always straightforward, as they often require specialized approaches, equipment and expertise. In addition to leveraging established user research methods, game researchers increasingly incorporate novel combinations of methods, measurements and visualizations to better understand player experience. In this talk, Dr. Mirza-Babaei will provide a summary of his research in developing new evaluation methodologies, user research tools and data visualisations for usability and user experience research on under-development titles.


Dr. Mirza-Babaei is an Associate Professor at Ontario Tech University (Canada), where he researches and teaches HCI, game design, and UX research. He also worked as a Games UX Researcher on more than 40 commercial games and served as the UX Director at Execution Labs in Montreal, Canada. He is an active member of SIGCHI and IGDA Games User Research SIG and has presented talks and co-organised workshops and courses at various conferences including CHI, CHI PLAY, DiGRA, MIGS and Develop. He co-edited a book on Games User Research, which was published by Oxford University Press in January 2018.


CSLEARN-Talk mit Assoc.-Prof. Pejman Mirza-Babaei
FR, 18.10.2019, 10:00
Seminarraum 6 (SR6) | Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien


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