Writing mentoring and writing workshops for students and teachers

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers writing mentoring and writing workshops for students as well as lecturers of the University of Vienna.

Services for students

Writing Workshops

Contact: ctl.schreibwerkstatt@unvie.ac.at
Target audience: bachelor and master students writing their thesis
Language available: German, English

Kick-Off Workshops for bachelor and master theses

This two-day intensive writing workshops aim at students currently working on their final bachelor or master theses (in English). The workshop covers topics from all phases of the writing process (including drafting strategies and research techniques) with a focus on developing a research question and structure of a thesis. Characteristics of academic writing in English will also be discussed. The aim is to get BA and MA students started on their theses.
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Writing Marathon

In this five-day writing workshop, students enrolled in bachelor and master programmes are given a space and set framework to write their final theses in a structured environment. The process is accompanied by the CTL’s writings assistants, who offer writing consultations and optional mini-workshops.
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Writing Mentoring

Contact: ctl.schreibmentoring@univie.ac.at
Target audience: bachelor students
Languages available: German, English

Writing mentors trained by the CTL offer weekly writing groups of 1,5 hours at the departments participating in the programme.
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Writing Consultations

Contact: ctl.schreibwerkstatt@univie.ac.at
Target audience: bachelor and master students with writing projects
Languages available: German, English (Austrian sign language available on request)

Walk-In Writing Consultation

Open writing consultation (no registration required) in selected university libraries (Main Library, English and American Studies Library, Sociology and Political Science Library)
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Writing Consultations at the CTL

Writing consultations held by the CTL’s writing assistants. Pre-registration required.
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Services for Teaching Staff

Contact: ctl.schreibassistenz@univie.ac.at
Target audience: lecturers from Vienna university
Languages available: German, English

Writing Didactics Pop-Ups

Intervention with one specific writing didactics focus (duration: approx. 45-60 minutes) on academic writing topics (Pop Up 1: phases of the writing process, Pop Up 2: structure and outline, Pop Up 3: peer-feedback, Pop Up 4: research question, Pop Up 5: knowledge organization and reference management (tools), Pop Up 6: reading, Pop Up 7: data visualization).
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Writing Didactics for Teaching Staff

consultations focusing on writing didactics. For all teachers at the University of Vienna supervising a BA or MA seminar.
More information: ctl.schreibassistenz@univie.ac.at

Writing Assistance Programme (Schreibassistenz-Programm)

Writing assistants trained by the CTL support students in writing intensive courses set at the beginning of bachelor programmes by providing input focused on the writing process and peer feedback.
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