New professorships offered at the Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science currently offers the following professorships: Security and Privacy, Digital Philology and Machine Learning (Tenure Track). An application is possible until 7.1.2019.

The tender texts can be found here:

» University Professor of Security and Privacy

» University Professor of Digital Philology

» Tenure Track Professorship in Machine Learning

» Computational Medicine


Professorship Announcements

Following the successful conclusion of the service agreements with the Ministry of Science and the approval of the University Council, the green light was given for the announcement of about 70 professorships and tenure-track professorships. Most of these can be attributed to five fields of development: Data Science & Digital Humanities, Health & Microbiome Research, Society & Communications, Molecular Biology & Cognitive Neuroscience, and Quantum & Materials. Further information can be found at » this address.