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Automatic Business Process Test Case Selection: Coverage Metrics, Algorithms, and Performance Optimizations


Business processes describe and implement the business logic of companies, control human interaction, and invoke heterogeneous services during runtime. Therefore, ensuring the correct execution of processes is crucial. Existing work is addressing this challenge through process verification. However, the highly dynamic aspects of the current processes and the deep integration and frequent invocation of third party services limit the use of static verification approaches. Today, one frequently utilized approach to address this limitation is to apply process tests. However, the complexity of process models is steadily increasing. So, more and more test cases are required to assure process model correctness and stability during design and maintenance. But executing hundreds or even thousands of process model test cases lead to excessive test suite execution times and, therefore, high costs. Hence, this paper presents novel coverage metrics along with a genetic test case selection algorithm. Both enable the incorporation of user-driven test case selection requirements and the integration of different knowledge sources. In addition, techniques for test case selection computation performance optimization are provided and evaluated. The effectiveness of the presented genetic test case selection algorithm is evaluated against five alternative test case selection algorithms.

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Workflow Systems and Technology
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International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
December 2016
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