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The research project VidGrid has the goal to evaluate and integrate existing DataGrid software and establish collaborations in this field all over Europe.



The research Grid ViDGrid ("Vienna Data Grid") of the Business

Information Systems Group is certified since 9 September 2004 for

the international GILDA

testbed. We provide storage and calculation resources for the LCG dissemination and

tutorial Grid.




GILDA is an activity of the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Fisica

Nucleare (INFN) carried on in the

context of both the Italian INFN Grid and European EGEE Projects.



The GILDA testbed is a series of sites and services (Resource

Broker, Information Index, Replica Location Server, Monitoring tool,

Computing Elements, and Storage Elements) spread all over Europe on

which the last version of the INFN Grid middle-ware (fully

compatible with LCG middle-ware) is installed.



We thank Heinz Stockinger (SLAC - Stanford Linear Accelerator

Center) and Flavia Donna (CERN) for the supporting activities.


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