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The focus of the project is the development of N2Grid, a neural network environment based on the Grid.


Our approach employs the upcoming infrastructure of the Grid as a transparent environment to allow users the exchange of information (neural network objects, neural network paradigms) and exploit the available computing resources for neural network specific tasks leading to a Grid based, world-wide distributed, neural network simulation system.


It implements a highly sophisticated connectionist problem solution environment within a Knowledge Grid.


Our system uses only standard protocols and services in a service oriented architecture, aiming for a wide dissemination of this Grid application.


The N2Grid system is based on the common middleware Globus, with Java CoG and some extensions of Globus by the DataGrid project and the Open Grid Services Architecture Data Access and Integration (OGSADAI) project.



N2Grid is an evolution of the existing NeuroWeb system. The idea of these system was, to see all components of an artificial neural network as data objects in a database. Now we go ahead and see them as parts of the arising world wide Grid infrastructure.

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