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ICT (information and communication technology) has a considerable impact on almost all areas of a company’s activities, especially for companies operating in information intensive industries such as the travel and tourism industry. This project concentrates on the implications of ICT for the accommodation sector in Austria and more specifically for the small and medium enterprises (SME) section of this market. The research work explores the major threats and opportunities for hotels by evaluating our framework for competitive advantage in eBusiness through an expert survey and a hotel survey within the Austrian travel and tourism industry. This will provide us with a broad picture of the awareness of hotels regarding the use of the Internet for their business activities. Finally, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses and postulate possible recommendations for decision makers within this sector in Austria.

Interne Forschungsprojekte
2000 - 2004
Forschungsgruppe Multimedia Information Systems
Fakultät für Informatik
Universität Wien

Währinger Straße 29
1090 Wien