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Mediator architecture for modular content personalization services


The solution, we envision here, is a personalization mediator that provides modular personalization services of different origin and complexity to the user. Providers that offer personalized content give a description of their personalization services to the personalization mediator. The mediator collects these descriptions in a registry. On the other side, a user is interested in personalized content and places a request against the personalization mediator. Based on the available user information the personalization mediator exploits this information. It retrieves the most suitable service from the registry and uses this personalization service. The service is ``called'' and responds with the personalized content which is finally delivered to the user application.


By this architecture, providers that offer specific personalization features on the Web can describe and provide this service to the personalization mediator. The personalization mediator in turn can provide users with a selection of personalizable content services. By means of this one can build up, e.g., a sophisticated personalized Web portal.

Interne Forschungsprojekte
2002 - 2002
Fakultät für Informatik
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