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Mobility-Aware Replication Techniques in Pervasive Information Systems


This research application proposes to join efforts of two research groups, a French research group at INSA Lyon and an Austrian research group at the University of Vienna, in order to address new challenges in the development of technology for pervasive information systems.
We aim at bringing together the competencies of the French group in data replication management, and the expertise and ongoing research activities of the Austrian group in mobility modeling for mobile distributed computing scenarios. Based on mobility models and on the prediction of future mobile behavior, methods and architectures for proactive data replication management will be developed for mobile users.

Based on the technology to be developed, the responsiveness of pervasive information systems will be increased for mobile users, which, in turn, is expected to improve the acceptance of a variety of multimedia based services and applications using content delivery networks.

  • IRIT, Universtite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
R&D Projekte, öffentliche Finanzierung
2006 - 2011
Forschungsgruppe Entertainment Computing
Fakultät für Informatik
Universität Wien

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