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Ws- Diamond, Web Services - DIAgnosability, Monitoring and Diagnosis is a project of the Sixth Framework Programme Priority2 - Information Society Technologies. It's a Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project.

Self-healing software is one of the challenges for IST research. This project aims to take a step in this direction by developing a framework for self-healing Web Services.

The project will produce:

  • an operational framework for self-healing service execution of conversationally complex Web Services, where monitoring, detection and diagnosis of anomalous situations, due to functional or non-functional errors (e.g., Quality of Service) is carried on and repair/reconfiguration is performed, thus guaranteeing reliability and availability of Web Services;
  • a methodology and tools for service design that guarantee effective and efficient diagnosability/repairability during execution;
  • demonstration of these results on real applications.

The research is risk-bearing. It builds upon results in different areas such as model-based diagnosis, semantic Web Services, cooperative information systems, and Web Service composition. It goes beyond a number of current projects in the area of Service Oriented Computing and Semantic Web Services, which do not consider the monitoring, diagnosing and repairing of Web Services.

The research is timely because the progress in model-based diagnosis and the emergence of Web Services standards that occurred in the last decade has reached sufficient foundational advances to make the proposed research feasible.


R&D EU-Projekte, Öffentliche Finanzierung
2005 - 2008
Forschungsgruppe Workflow Systems and Technology
Fakultät für Informatik
Universität Wien

Währinger Straße 29
1090 Wien