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CoConUT („Context Collection for non-stationary User Testing“) is an Android app for collecting mobile context as well as frequency of interactions during mobile field studies (for example usability studies) using sensor data on the test device. For evaluation purposes the recorded user trial sessions can be visually explored. This facilitates an assessment of the user’s attention patterns and enables the detection of limited cognitive resources caused by distracting contextual factors.

The current version features the following sensors: noise level, ambient light, touch interaction on the screen, location and Bluetooth devices nearby. The CoCoHat will soon extend the CoConUT app, which is a complementary headpiece collecting additional video streams of surroundings and user interaction on the test device.

When used together during a field trial the data gathered by CoConUT and CoCoHat will give a profound overview over the course of a field study session.


Interne Forschungsprojekte
2016 -
Forschungsgruppe Cooperative Systems
Fakultät für Informatik
Universität Wien

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