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ADOxx Training 2013 at the Faculty of Computer Science OMiLAB

A growing number of research groups develop modelling methods for a variety of application domains. Thereby a core aspect is the tool-based support of these methods in order to enable the handling and visualization of large and complex models, for the analysis and simulation or the transformation between different formats and platforms. Today's meta-modelling platforms provide capabilities for efficiently developing modelling tools without requiring in-depth programming skills.

This training (November, 13-15 at OMiLAB) introduced the implementation of modelling-methods with the meta-modelling platform ADOxx and demonstrated the support provided by the Open Models Initiative in the context of OMiLAB (www.omilab.org).

Specific topics worked on during the tutorial were:

  • Introduction to Modelling Method development – focusing on the Conceptualisation Phase
  • Implementation of a Modelling Method – hands-on sessions using the ADOxx meta-modelling platform
  • Mechanisms and Algorithms for Modelling Methods – implementation using the ADOxx meta-modelling platform
  • Deployment of ADOxx based modelling tools and generation of ready-to-install modelling tools

One of the participants of the training was Prof. Monkoon Lee (Chonbuk National University, The Republic of Korea). Prof. Lee was invited to give a talk on "A Meta-Modelling Method Based On Behavior Ontology" during the training.

The next event will be the summerschool in July 2014 on "Next Generation Enterprise Modelling": www.omilab.org/camp2014

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