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ADOuni Cooperation Programme

The ADOuni Cooperation Framework is programme between the Department of Knowledge and Business Engineering at the University of Vienna and your university, faculty or department. The programme aims to offer teaching and research institutions a range of IT supported Management tools, who are widely used in the industry, for educational purposes at special conditions.

The programme offers cooperation possiblities for:

  • teaching: either on an individual basis for students to realise diploma theses, seminar papers or study-related project or on a class level for course teaching and laboratories

  • research: including tool studies, participation in research projects, development or customization of modelling methods and concepts etc.

The Department for Knowledge and Business Engineering at the University of Vienna was founded in 1993. It’s teaching and research foci lie on Meta-Modelling and, Business Process Engineering and Management. The department houses several education programmes of Computer Science and Business Informatics. It has an extensive and long-lasting experience in national and international research projects.

As a spin-off of the Department of Knowledge and Business Engineering the BOC Group (www.boc-group.com) is a software development and consulting company, with offices across Europe, focusing on IT-based Management Approaches. BOC still maintains tight contact to the University of Vienna and other research institutions across Europe, thus being able to realise fast and efficient practical results of research results.

For further informations or to join the programme please read our Folder.

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