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Successful MinoPro Workshop@Modellierung 2014

Great keynotes by Mathias Weske and Manfred Reichert at the MinoPro Workshop on the topic of Modeling Interorganizational Processes at the University of Vienna.

"Person-centred communication: Theory, skills and practice"

Unter dem Titel "Person-centred communication: Theory, skills and practice" ist kürzlich eine überarbeitete Ausgabe von "Konstruktive Kommunikation: Sich und andere verstehen...

Jun 2 2014: Training course "Visualization Techniques & Statistical Graphics"

Together with Marcus Hudec, Michael Sedlmair will give a one-day training course on Visualization at the European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics...

EMISA 2014 Keynote by Stefanie Rinderle-Ma: Flexibility and Evolution in Process-Aware Information Systems: All Problems Solved ?

Stefanie Rinderle-Ma gave a keynote at the EMISA 2014 conference on 25 September 2014. Stefanie discussed the achievements, challenges, and trends within the area of Flexibility...

Universität Wien ist neuer Wissenschaftspartner des VRVis

Wien (VRVis) - Mit Beginn Juli ist - nach der TU Wien und der TU Graz - nun auch die größte österreichische Universität beim VRVis "on board". Georg Stonawski,...

“Standard” article about the VALiD project

The newspaper “Standard” just published an article about the VALiD project. 

VDA group's Elena Rudkowsky and Michael Sedlmair work on this project with a focus on...

New Screencast on Adaptive Care Planning (ACaPlan)

Watch our new screencast to get the idea behind our ACaPlan project on Adaptive Care Planning. It explains the paradigm shift from a data-centric patient view to a process-centric...

3 papers accepted to IEEE VIS 2014

"Opening the Black Box: Strategies for Increased User Involvement in Existing Algorithm Implementations" by Thomas Mühlbacher, Harald Piringer, Samuel Gratzl, Michael...

Invited Talk at OFFIS

Stefanie Rinderle-Ma gave an invited talk "Some Reflections on Business Process Intelligence"

Oct 29 2014, 3:00 pm: Talk by Dr. Martin Varela - QoE - Why Bother?

Dr. Martín Varela (VTT Technical Research Center of Finland)QoE – Why Bother?Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien, HS3

Invitation with abstract and CV (pdf)

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