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Betreuung durch Univ.-Prof. Dr. Torsten Möller

Parameterization of surfaces:

The goal of this project is to 1) Create a literature survey of several different surface parameterization techniques and 2) Build an application for parameterization of models with minimal human input using various methods. Emphasis will be placed on area preserving parameterizations and minimizing discontinuities in the final parameterization. If time permits, methods of splitting models into continuous, non-overlapping patches should be explored. This work is to be used in the context of a larger, ongoing research project in the VDA group.

Contact: torsten.moeller@univie.ac.at

Visualization Techniques for Global Illumination:

The goal of this project is to develop methods for visualizing various aspects of global illumination algorithms. The desired data for visualization may include: the path space; sampling density; incoming illumination over the hemisphere; error metrics; etc... Some of the data will be 4D or higher, thus an exploration of visualization techniques for high dimensional data will be necessary. The visualization methods developed should be useful for comparing global illumination algorithms by providing easy to understand visualizations of their relative strengths and weaknesses. This work is to be used in the context of a larger, ongoing research project in the VDA group.

Contact: torsten.moeller@univie.ac.at





Navigation of high-dimensional spaces:

The primary goal of this project is to develop a touch-screen interface for navigating high-dimensional spaces. This would consist of a user interface designed for a tablet (ipad) to be used in concert with a larger screen such as a monitor or television. An intuitive interface for exploring these spaces would be instrumental in allowing users to build up a visual understanding of spaces with dimensionality greater than 3.

Contact: torsten.moeller@univie.ac.at

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