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Open Thesis Topics

The following list contains currently open thesis topics in the area of Cooperative Systems. Should you have an own idea for a potential thesis which you think might fit the research interests of our group, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Master Theses

Exploring the Paradox of Side Payments

Currently, Net Neutrality is not only a hot topic in the political discussion, but also in network economics research. One particularly interesting question deals with so-called side payments, i.e. monetary flows from content providers to network operators, which have widely believed to resolve the apparent imbalance between them if it comes to revenue distribution. However, recently Altman et al. have demonstrated that, for certain scenarios, network operators which are receiving additional payments eventually may end up worse than before. In this thesis, we will explore this paradoxon through a numerical approach and investigate several directions for generalizing Altman's result.

Contact: peter.reichl@univie.ac.at 



Running Theses

Cooperative Systems

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