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Softnet Austria is a private research association cooperating with business and university partners to conduct and promote applied research in software engineering. Softnet Austria deliberately operates as an intermediary between research institutions and companies. The network is targeted on quality assurance and improvement, and at the development and deployment of novel techniques in software engineering. Besides of conducting applied research in next generation software engineering, Softnet Austria provides an institutionalized access to Austria's software engineering scene.

Softnet Austria is an industrial competence network within the so called K-net program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor in terms of private non-profit association. The competence center organizes its research and innovation work in terms of working groups under academic supervision. In turn, the working groups are assigned to the competence fields of engineering methodologies and models (SOFT-T&M), and web engineering and user interfaces (SOFT-WEB).

  • Graz University of Technology - Institute for Software Technology
  • Kapsch CarrierCom AG
R&D Projekte, öffentliche Finanzierung
2006 - 2010
Forschungsgruppe Entertainment Computing
Fakultät für Informatik
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