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The projects focuses on the creation of networked Context Aware Environments (CAE), as described above. To reach that goal, the main tasks are:

  • to jointly create scenarios, define user- and system requirements, and create a system concept for Contect Aware Environment in the home- and professional in-door domains
  • to develop a system architecture, as well as methods, tools, technologies and skills to integrate "awareness" (identification and tracking), "intelligence" (adaptivity), and natural interaction
  • to jointly merge the developed technologies into Context Aware Environments
  • to demonstrate and evaluate the concept(s)

The contribution of the University of Vienna is in Work Package 1, which is described below. Work Package 1: Ubiquity This Work Package focuses on the following main tasks: Task 1.1: System requirements. The system requirements will be defined through a process of joint scenario and concept generation, and analysis of user requirements, resulting from WP4. Attention will be paid to less common network elements such as locating and tracking sub-systems and (identifiable) physical objects, envisioned in the context aware AMBIENCE environments, and the related scalability issues. Task 1.2: System architecture. Based on the defined system requirements, and network protocol comparisons, the architecture and basic platform for the AMBIENCE systems will be generated. This includes the definition of interfaces to the sub-systems defined in the other Work Packages, and a strategy for reliable distributed storage. A comparison of applicable wired- and wireless networking technologies and protocols will be made, with the aim to select the most appropriate combination(s) for the envisioned systems. Task 1.3: Building Blocks. In this task, software building blocks will be developed, as needed, to implement the platform in the selected evaluation environment(s). Finally, the integration of these environments will be actively supported. The University of Vienna will work on the context aware system architecture, addressing the configurability issues related to the use of a broad range of different devices, and issues related to the dynamic nature of the ambient network, including re-configurability for joining and departing devices.

  • Forschungsgruppe Distributed Systems
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2001 - 2003
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